The SATAjet 5000-B RP Spray Gun Review

Spray Gun Model In Focus: SATAjet 5000-B RP Spray Gun

SATAjet 5000-B


(From SATA )

The premium spray gun SATAjet 5000 B sets new quality standards, while painting has become as easy as never before. 

Being extremely versatile in terms of application distance and Inlet Pressure, this new high performance spray gun is leading the way. 

Now, painters have the possibility to set pressure and distance as required by the paint to be applied, the climatic conditions and the work method – to achieve perfect finishes. Review:

What is truly remarkable with the The SATAjet 5000-B RP Spray Gun is its capability to spray large areas. With this feature, you can actually cut in half your usual work time.

Setting up the gun is easy as 123. So no need to worry if you are a newbie.

The only thing that we think that can push the buyers away is the price. This gun can retail from $600 to $1000 depending on where you will purchase it.

Overall, what can be said about this gun is that -its is a well thought, well designed and well researched spray gun that can last you for many, many years. Indeed, German technology at its finest!

Retail Price: $600-1000 (depending on location and seller)

What’s inside the box?

Spray gun, Air cap, Choice of nozzle, Instruction manual, 3 year warranty card, Cup and Gauge.


Ergonomics. This gun will feel solid when held – regardless of the size of your hand. Boasting of combining functionality and aesthetics, Porsche design studio made sure that they are taking into consideration all the needs of painters and created this stunning spray gun.

Ability to cover “large” areas. If you are an auto body shop owner – time is of the essence. This gun will assure you of a high turn around time – in terms of completed projects, as this has the capability of spraying really large areas.

Ease of use. The design of the fan control, material flow control as well as the air micrometer are heaven sent. Because of these innovations, you can be assured of how easy this spray gun is to use. We utter a sigh of gratitude to the lords of Porsche Design Studio for making sure that we got what we pay for. 

Safely positioned trigger sleeve. This particular design can guarantee the user of easy, safe and quick insertion of the paint needle


Expensive – If you are a newbie – the price tag will turn you off. However, if you are an expert and professional of the trade, then by all means this is a great investment to scale your business

Sometimes out of stock – because of the popularity of this spray gun, you will have a bit of difficulty sourcing it online. 

Not readily available in the US – If you are based in the US, you may encounter some disappointment procuring this gun. Not the case however if you are based in Europe or Australia.

Where To Buy: You can search ebay or Amazon to get to best deal depending on where you are located

Spray Gun Reviews Rating: 4/5  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Disclaimer: We are in no way connected to the manufacturers of the Spray Guns that are reviewed on our site. 

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