Iwata WS 400 Super Nova Review

Spray Gun Model In Focus: Iwata WS 400 Super Nova (Evo)

Iwata WS 400 Super Nova
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PININFARINA, the Italian design house renowned for some of history’s top car designs, has worked closely with ANEST IWATA to produce a gun that combines elegance with the ultimate in spray gun design.


An in-depth study by the UNIVERSITY of PAVIA, into perfect balance and optimal ergonomics, has been closely considered by PININFARINA designers and ANEST IWATA engineers to produce this state of the art spray gun.


The SUPERNOVA delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing which, when combined with its flat and even fan pattern, helps reduce common issues such as boil and pin holing on HS clear coats. These problems occur as a result of too much clear coat in one area, caused by center heavy fan patterns.

Spraygunreviews.com Review:

If there is a brand that we truly trust, we are putting our money on Iwata. 

Boasting of Japanese technology – this brand has been continuously manufacturing quality spray guns for so many years.

Iwata spray guns are synonymous to quality. Period.

This is the upgraded version of the original WS 400 Supernova. Iwata calls it the EVO version.

We’ve had this gun for quite some time and true to its claim – it is simply the best that will stand the rigors of daily use.

Also, this spray gun’s design is something to marvel at. You can never go wrong with an Iwata spray gun, design, and quality-wise.

Retail Price: $672.65 plus shipping

What’s inside the box?

Spray gun, Universal spanner, Cleaning brush, Instruction manual, Factory check label.


Designed by Pininfarina, they are an Italian design firm that also used to design Ferraris. The design of this gun is truly ergonomic, as what is expected with such world-class credentials of its designer.

Japanese technology. With the ergonomic design paired with Japanese technology, which is known to be meticulous when it comes to perfecting their products in general, this Iwata WS 400 Super Nova truly is a masterpiece.

Quiet background noise. Unlike the Teknika Pro-lite, that retails roughly for the same price, the Iwata 400 will not give the annoying loud noise while in use.

Stable and large fan pattern – when you opt for the 1.4 tip, it will give you more coverage and will get the job done quicker.

Parts are readily available. Unlike the SATA products wherein replacements are challenging to source out, you will not have that issue with this spray gun.


Need to purchase cup separately – bummer really, but then again this is just a minor “con”

A bit pricey – we really don’t mind shelling out a bit more for the Iwata Super Nova WS400 just because this is truly a good investment.

Where To Buy: Amazon

Spray Gun Reviews Rating: 5/5  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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