Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun, 1.4 mm Review

Spray Gun Models In Focus: Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun



Black nickel finish, Lightweight and compact, the Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun comes with a 600cc aluminum cup, wrench and cleaning brush. A full size HVLP spray gun with a low trigger pull and a wide fan pattern, up to 12.5″. Applicable for base coat, clear coat, single stage, sealers low solid clears. Repair kits are readily available and come with a one year warranty. 

Retail Price: $128.37

Where to buy: JB Tools Review:

The FX3000 is a spray gun that you can use straight out of the box. Regardless if you’re a beginner or a seasoned spray painter, the spray gun handles nicely. The low trigger pull and being lightweight (1.8 lbs.) gives the spray gun maneuverability and lessen fatigue. 


Handles nicely  – Being lightweight and having a low trigger pull greatly lessens fatigue when using this spray gun. This spray gun has great fan control and can spray a wide variety of viscosities from base coats to clear.

Works great out of the box – The spray quality is good. This would be the perfect spray gun for beginners and at the same time deliver great results for professionals. 

Cleaning kit included – Cleaning is simple and easy since this spray gun comes with it’s own cleaning brush and wrench. 

Value for money – This spray gun can perform at par with other more expensive spray guns. 


Leaks – We noticed some leaking from the lid. This spray gun could use a better breather set up. Easily remedied by not filling the cup too much.

Purchasing parts – Replacement parts may be difficult to find or instead of buying just one particular part you need, you’ll need to purchase a whole repair kit.

Spray Gun Review Rating: 3 out of 5  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️ 

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